In contrast to the variety of decorative jewellery objects for women, jewellery for men today exists in a significantly reduced form. However, a look at contemporary portraits of baroque princes and their jewellery collections proves that this should not lead to the misconception that jewellery has always only been a matter for the female sex. Find out more"

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Men's jewellery in the Baroque period

In fact, the upper echelons of the aristocracy presented themselves as extraordinarily adorned and equipped with various gemstone sets consisting of jewelled coat buttons, knee, shoe and hat buckles and other precious adornments.

Art Déco: jewellery for men in gold, platinum, mother-of-pearl and enamel

We encounter these sets in a simpler version, for example in Art Déco as elegant and stylish dress sets for men to wear with a dinner jacket or tailcoat. They usually consist of shirt, waistcoat and cufflinks and are made of gold or platinum, often with mother-of-pearl inlays or enamel.

Dress jewellery is still predominant today

This makes one thing particularly clear: apart from the signet ring or wedding ring, men's jewellery is still largely dress jewellery, even today. Of course, there are wonderful finger rings for men, as well as bracelets and watches. However, it is usually the jewellery that is worn directly on or attached to clothing that is reserved for men. Cufflinks, tie pins and lapel pins, as we also present them in our range, fall into this category.

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