Schmuck aus Weißgold & Platin

Platinum has long been known and popular as a material for jewellery in its own right as well as an alloy component of various jewellery alloys. White gold, on the other hand, emerged later. The first white looking gold alloy, known as "white gold", consisting of eleven parts gold and one part platinum, was created in the last third of the 19th century. However, it was only used rarely and in the smallest details. A fact that makes this special alloy all the more popular today! Find out more

What types of white gold are there?

From 1912, white gold was alloyed from gold in Pforzheim with the addition of nickel or a lot of silver. Nickel has the effect of decolouring the gold. At the same time, however, it also makes the metal harder and stronger, which makes it much more difficult to work with. This is why nickel white gold is often referred to as "base" white gold and is mainly used today for jewellery parts.
The "noble" white gold, so-called palladium white gold, is a three-material alloy of gold, silver and palladium, whereby the latter is responsible for the decolouration of the gold, with excellent ductility.

Why is white gold and platinum so popular?

The most appealing advantage of white gold and platinum lies in the neutral, elegantly cool tone of colour, which allows diamonds and precious coloured stones to stand out in a particularly full and pristine way.

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