Vintage Siegelringe

(from 1950 to 2000)

With a vintage signet ring, you are choosing a piece of jewellery with over a thousand years of tradition that is as unique as its wearer. Originally an object of the upper classes, the signet ring can now be wonderfully personalised and is therefore a highly individual accessory that marks the beginning of a story all of its own. Find out more"

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Jewellery as a sign of prestige

As early as 2,000 BC, the Egyptians used signet rings to seal confidential documents with wax. The seal had to be mirror-inverted for this purpose and, in addition to its practical use, also had a prestigious character: only the (male) upper classes were allowed to have their own seal, so that wealth and power could also be expressed with it. This approach was continued in antiquity and the Middle Ages, making the signet ring an important symbol of origin and status. The placement was extremely important: the seal had to be legible for the other person - not for the wearer.

Rethinking signet rings

In our opinion, however, the historically elitist character of signet rings is long outdated! A personalised engraving offers plenty of scope for individualism and can nowadays not only stand for family affiliation, but also for a connection to a loved one, a club or a hobby. Monograms, ornaments, figurative or symbolic representations are therefore not uncommon today.

The way jewellery is worn has also arrived in the 21st century. While the signet ring was still primarily worn on the thumb or index finger in the Middle Ages, it is now worn on the middle, ring or little finger, depending on the mood.

Vintage signet rings for men and women

In our range of vintage signet rings, you will find a large selection of jewellery from the 20th century. Whether ornamentally playful or geometrically simple, you will find the right accessory for both men and women at Halsbandaffaire.

Signet rings are also an excellent gift, as they can be used to immortalise important moments in life such as passing an exam, a wedding or a special anniversary. If we do not have your favourite historical piece in the right ring size, we will be happy to arrange an individual size change with our experienced goldsmith.

Your personalised engraving - from a single source and professionally executed

We are happy to advise you on more than just finding the right signet ring for you from our range. You are also in the best hands with your personalised engraving at Halsbandaffaire.

This can be done both for sealing - i.e. mirror-inverted - and for reading. Gemstones such as lapis lazuli, carnelian and onyx are particularly suitable and popular.

Whether online or in-store in Munich, we are available to answer all your questions about rings and engraving in a friendly and competent manner. We are also happy to share our expert knowledge with you. Did you know, for example, that you should breathe on the seal before pressing it into the sealing wax? "This prevents the sealing wax from sticking to the fine lines of the coat of arms."

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