Engagement jewellery symbolises the promise to marry someone in the near future. It is almost exclusively rings, usually set with diamonds, that are presented with the promise of marriage. Which of the many beautiful variations you choose is up to you. Browse through our engagement rings category and you are sure to find the ring that will make your sweetheart shine. Find out more"

Favourite engagement tradition: rings set with gemstones

The most popular variant of the engagement ring is probably the solitaire. The New York jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany designed this classic in an open setting, which allows plenty of light to reach the stone (diamond) to ignite its fire
. It is often the gemstone setting that carries the special symbolism of the engagement ring. This is the case with trilogy rings, for example, whose three diamonds symbolise the past, present and future of the couple.

Acronym rings with hidden messages

Acronym rings also utilise the language of gemstones with particular ingenuity. The initial letters of the gemstones set in them create acronyms such as DEAREST or REGARDS as a hidden message that emphasise the marriage vows. Another traditional variation of the engagement ring is the toi-et-moi ring, which is adorned with either two gemstones or a gemstone and a pearl that represent the future couple.

Why is the engagement ring worn on the left hand?

The custom of wearing the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand goes back to the idea of the vein of love, the vena amoris, which leads from the left ring finger directly to the heart and seals the vow of fidelity there.

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