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From elegant necklaces to statement earrings - our range of modern jewellery naturally also includes today's treasures. We offer selected pieces of jewellery from small, fine manufacturers as well as pieces from our own studio. High quality and exceptional designs make jewellery from modern production timeless beauties to be enjoyed for a long time to come. Find out more

Exquisite pieces of jewellery from master craftsmen

In manufactories from Italy and Germany, we discover modern jewellery for you. These finely crafted favourites are not only available online in our range, but you can also see these pieces in our shop in Munich. We create wonderful, contemporary pieces of jewellery for you in our own adjoining studio:

  • expressive statement jewellery
  • timeless, classic pieces of jewellery
  • reworking old pieces

Versatility is our strength: we not only create our own unusual designs, but also combine historical pieces with modern materials. You have your own design in mind? We are happy to turn your wishes into reality, whether it's a bangle, necklace, earrings, pendant or brooch! If you're looking for a very special piece of jewellery, you're in good hands with us.

Striking statement jewellery: modern but long-lasting

Moderner Schmuck KetteA design with a wink, unusual materials or eye-catching colours - if you want to round off your look with an extravagant creation, modern statement jewellery is the way to go. These pieces allow you to emphasise your own personal taste. Designs like that are a true eyecatcher and are guaranteed to get people talking.

We always combine modern designs with exquisite workmanship and high-quality materials. After all, statement jewellery is not synonymous with fashion jewellery - quite the opposite: once you have found your personal style, our modern creations will accompany you for the rest of your life!

Modern jewellery: simple and elegant

Do you prefer understated jewellery that is not obtrusive? In our range of modern jewellery, we present pieces of classic elegance alongside our eye-catching treasures.

These modern creations may be simple, but they always have that certain something that attracts attention time and time again. Whether worn in everyday life or with an elegant evening dress - you will always make the right choice with these pieces of jewellery.

Redesigning old pieces of jewellery

Jewellery from past eras inspires us just as much as modern designs. We create new creations by reworking antique pieces of jewellery or fragments. Part of an antique earring or ring - we are happy to bring new life to old elements and reassemble pieces of jewellery in a new context. In the end, your family heirlooms reworked by us unite past and present.

Setting the scene with materials

Materials are the focus of our modern jewellery creations. In addition to metals such as gold and silver, we focus on jewellery with a modern finish. Thanks to various coloured stones, cultured pearls or corals, these pieces shimmer in incomparable plays of colour. The material and shape are coordinated so that no one component outshines the other.

High-quality workmanship

Moderner Schmuck RingThe beautiful appearance of our modern pieces of jewellery is not deceptive: we attach great importance to exquisite workmanship, both in our own creations and in products from jewellery manufacturers. This care not only applies to the front of our jewellery, we also focus on quality on the back. Secure fasteners, attention to detail and a comprehensive aesthetic characterise the designs.

Die Halsbandaffaire: jewellery from past times

In our online shop, we present selected treasures from all eras, from Rococo gems to 20th century jewellery. Our modern creations perfectly complement the pieces of past eras. Designs based on historical forms expand the selection of antique jewellery. After all, like generations of goldsmiths before us, we rely on high-quality materials that draw a line of tradition to the work of past eras.

Our advantages for you

Whether modern jewellery or antique treasures - you can rely on our expertise. Many years of experience in art trade and a love for exceptional pieces of jewellery guide us through the selection of our products. You can expect expert advice at our shop in Munich as well as online. If you choose one of our pieces of jewellery, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • comprehensive expertise
  • sensitive advice on the phone or in store
  • Guarantee of authenticity
  • Free insured shipping in Germany
  • 30 days returns
  • Careful, secure packaging
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