Finger rings are considered to be the longest worn pieces of jewellery in the history of mankind. The reasons for this are obvious: they come in countless variations, often embody a significant meaning and often fascinate us with their timeless designs. Antique rings in particular enchant us with their uniqueness.

Are you looking for historical ring jewelry? Then Halsbandaffaire is the right place for you. Whether made of real gold or real silver, for men or women, with or without precious stones - here you will find high-quality jewellery for every taste and finger. Find out more "

What meanings can finger rings have

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Over the centuries, the basic shape of gold and silver rings has not changed much. While the shape of a ring in the broadest sense has remained the same, a wide range of meanings can be attributed to this piece of jewellery. Whether as a sign of infinity, of great love, of a close friendship or as a memento of a special person - rings are pieces of jewellery that inspire with their unique symbolic power, among other things. The precious accessory on the finger can also function as a prestigious object or simply serve as a matching companion to various outfits.

Ancient rings enchant wearers and onlookers alike

Antique jewellery is very popular. But what is the appeal of ring jewellery from times gone by?

  • Antique rings impress with their high-quality appearance. The mere fact that they look historic gives them a unique appeal. Antique genuine jewellery looks very valuable due to its long history.
  • Whether filigree rings made of real gold or eye-catching models set with diamonds - finger rings are available in a wide variety of designs.
  • Antique rings can be worn for a lifetime as they never go out of fashion. With their charm, they will last for decades to come.
  • Whoever opts for ring jewellery from the past enhances their everyday look with that certain something.

Ancient rings in classic and playful designs

Antique rings cover a wide range of different styles and therefore fulfil almost every requirement. The production of the rings is completely individualised. Discover ring jewellery in understated, simple shapes and unusual pieces that stand out on the hand. Whether round, square, oval, intertwined or in the shape of a delicate flower - historical ring jewellery has many faces. Diamonds, pearls and precious coloured stones are the perfect complement to elaborate and large settings.

Unique light reflections: Finger rings with precious stones

When thinking about antique ring jewellery, precious stones are the main focus. High-quality rings are eye-catchers of a special kind due to their shape and colour. Whether as an individual engagement ring or precious jewellery accessory - no woman's hand should be without a ring set with stones.

But it's not just diamonds that give rings a beautiful look - pearls and coloured stones are also very popular. The precious stones also usually embody a certain meaning and contribute to an enchanting play of colours.

Inspire with jewellery - gold rings and genuine silver rings for men and women


Ring jewellery is suitable for both men and women. Rings are probably the easiest way to adorn yourself with a special accessory in everyday life. The jewellery made from real gold and silver does not require a strict connection to other jewellery items or a specific outfit. Finger rings can also be worn on their own with plain clothing. This gives the ring the stage it deserves. In our online shop, you will find jewellery from different eras. You can marvel at the jewellery pieces and their stories in all their facets.

The Necklace Affair: your expert for unique pieces and antique genuine jewellery

Would you like to buy ring jewellery from past eras? Here you will not only find jewellery from the Rococo and Art Deco eras, but also beautiful vintage pieces. What is particularly important to us with rings is that the material and shape form a harmonious whole.

You receive our ring jewellery lovingly packaged in a high-quality case. We also provide you with a certificate of authenticity guarantee for each ring.

Browse through our versatile online shop and be enchanted by our ring jewellery. Shipping is of course free and insured for our customers. You will have your antique jewellery in your hands after just a few days. Would you like to see the jewellery up close and try on your favourites first? Then visit our shop in Munich-Schwabing. We will be happy to advise you on finger rings and other jewellery items such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

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