Jugendstil Ketten

(from 1890 to 1910)

The characteristic ornamentation of Art Nouveau was a revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. For the first time, stylistic models were no longer sought in the past, but were fundamentally new, innovative and creative. Art Nouveau necklaces were based on motifs from flora and fauna, which were worn as detailed necklaces or filigree pendants. Find out more"

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Four steps to your matching Art Nouveau necklace

Step 1: The metal colour

Before you decide on an Art Nouveau necklace, you should ask yourself which precious metal colour you prefer. Your own skin type can help you with this decision. If you have a rather light complexion, cool metals such as silver, platinum and white gold will complement your look best. If your skin tone is warmer, possibly in combination with dark eyes and hair, Art Nouveau necklaces made of gold look particularly appealing. Both variants were produced at the time, so Art Nouveau was not limited to a preferred metal colour like the jewellery of later Art Deco, for example, which was preferably made of light metals.

Step 2: The design

In their search for an original design language, Art Nouveau artists developed two forms of expression: on the one hand, organic, flowing design elements were established, while on the other, a geometric, modernist design language characterised the jewellery of that era. Art Nouveau necklaces can therefore be found in naturalistic, figurative designs as well as in geometric forms.

Depending on your own taste, our Art Nouveau necklaces offer you both floral motifs inspired by plants, insects or the female body as well as minimalist designs such as finely sparkling Lavallière necklaces.

Step 3: Colourful vs. monochrome

The setting of antique Art Nouveau necklaces is also not fixed. Generally speaking, Art Nouveau jewellery is characterised by its bright colours, which are based on ornate enamelling and the use of gemstones and pearls of various types and shapes.

In general, Art Nouveau jewellery is characterised by its bright colours.

In contrast to this, monochrome designs are just as common, focussing entirely on the elegant combination of platinum and diamonds. For example, choose a diamond-studded negligee necklace for an evening out at a restaurant, while a brightly enamelled coloured stone pendant is better for everyday wear.

Step 4: Pendant or necklace?

Your personal taste will determine whether you choose an Art Nouveau necklace or a pendant. While a necklace is a total work of art that you can also wear as a parure by combining it with matching Art Nouveau earrings, a pendant offers many personalised design options. Wearing them on chains of different lengths or on velvet or fabric ribbons gives your piece of jewellery a completely new look!

Our conclusion

Art Nouveau necklaces offer a wide range of design options from which you can draw according to your personal preferences. Whether straightforward or playful, you can find a well-curated selection of Art Nouveau rings, necklaces and ear jewellery on site and online at Halsbandaffaire.

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