Jugendstil Ringe

(from 1890 to 1910)

Rings are pieces of jewellery with symbolic power: they stand for infinity and for the connection to a loved one. Art Nouveau rings also inspire with their imaginative designs, which are characterised not only by creativity but also by high-quality craftsmanship. Find out more "
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Art Nouveau: nature as a model

The Art Nouveau ring came in many guises. Naturally curved shapes and motifs inspired by nature were considered characteristic of the entire era and were also reflected in ring fashion. Sweeping Toi-et-Moi rings or snakes winding around each other were popular designs of the time. Art Nouveau gold rings were just as often set with coloured gemstones as with diamonds, opening up a multitude of design possibilities.

A wearable fairy tale

A special feature of the antique Art Nouveau ring was the figurative designs in the form of animal figures and female figures, which often stretched along the shoulders of the ring. In combination with gem-set flowers and colourful enamelled ornaments, they created picturesque scenes in the smallest of spaces that seemed to be straight out of a fairy tale.

Art Nouveau rings as a promise of love

Art Nouveau diamond rings are also ideal today as individualised engagement rings. As the hardest, naturally occurring mineral, the diamond symbolises enduring, strong and eternal love. In combination with the aforementioned Toi-et-Moi motif ("You and me"), the result is a love gift like no other.

Art Nouveau engagement rings are also absolutely unique pieces with a very special character. They represent a piece of history and symbolise a very individual love.

Art Nouveau men's rings

Art Nouveau jewellery for men was - as in other eras - also more discreet at the beginning of the 20th century. However, Art Nouveau signet rings were universally popular, which were either worn in a classic design, but could also be adorned with eye-catching decorative ornaments. Art Nouveau brooches were also available for men in the form of reverse pins.

Art Nouveau jewellery in Munich

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