Schmuck der 80er Jahre

The jewelry of the 80s symbolizes a decade of economic prosperity, an industrialized society and a flourishing cultural life. Fashion became more than ever a form of individual expression, which manifested itself in different styles - from yuppie to street style to athleisure. Accordingly, 80s jewelry was big, individual and eye-catching! Find out more »

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The new role of women

The 1980s brought about a fundamental change in the image of women, which shifted from a delicate, feminine aesthetic to an androgynous, self-determined power woman. New career paths were now open to women, often in management positions. The associated financial independence and status was also to be conveyed to the outside world and was reflected in the wearing of large statement jewelry.

What distinguishes 80s jewelry?

The preferred precious metal of the eighties was yellow gold. Jewelry had to be wearable to reflect the emancipated, active lifestyle of the wearer. But they also had to make a statement. Rounded silhouettes and soft lines are found in combination with geometric, symmetrical designs. 80s gold jewelry should be equally wearable during the day and in the evening.

80s jewelry is also characterized by the use of exciting and contrasting combinations of coloured stones. Countless pavé-set gemstones created a real eye-catcher - regardless of the piece of jewelry - and conjured up a sophisticated and highly elegant look.

How were necklaces of the 80s worn?

80s necklaces should be short because they had to be easy to integrate into the everyday life of a successful businesswoman. The long chains and pendant necklaces of the 1970s were therefore replaced by neck-hugging necklaces and chokers, usually without a central suspension. The necklaces of the 80s are wide and feature symmetrical designs and rounded lines.

Necklaces without clasps were also extremely popular.

Were brooches worn in the 80s?

Yes, because the Wall Street-influenced yuppie look meant that coats and jackets were increasingly being worn, which provided the perfect stage for brooches. Brooches were particularly often matched to the ear clips of the 80s.

Which earrings were preferred?

The clip earrings of the 80s often came in voluminous designs set with large, colorful gemstones or were worn as hammered or textured discs and hemispheres made of gold. They were imposing, bold and eye-catching. Heart motifs and large hoop earrings made of colorful plastic and in uneven combinations were particularly popular. There were no limits to the designs, even for long earrings.

What features characterize the arm jewelry of the 80s?

The bangle of the 80s is wide, softly rounded and its design corresponds to the necklaces of the time. Angular designs, which were still very popular in the previous decade, were rarely found in bracelets and necklaces. Despite their dimensions, bracelets were preferably worn in large numbers and in combination with one another.

What did 80s jewelry for men look like?

Timeless pieces of men's jewelry such as cufflinks, tie pins or signet rings were absolute classics in the field of vintage jewelry and continued to be worn in the 1980s, but were more daring in this decade. Colored stones and pearls were not uncommon. The gold necklace also found its way into men's jewelry in an extravagant form and was now worn in a solid design and in large numbers. The emerging hip-hop culture provided the impetus for this. 80s jewelry therefore also offered men more than ever the opportunity for individual expression.

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