Antike Goldringe

(until around 1950)

"Of all the objects with which mankind adorned itself in times past, none radiates a more mysterious [...] power than the ring." Ancient gold rings have always been regarded as a symbol of eternity and are still worn today not only for purely decorative purposes, but also as a sign of solidarity. If you are also looking for a unique antique gold ring, we invite you to browse through our range! Find out more"

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The noblest of all metals

Because of its fascinating lustre and rarity, gold has been revered as an attribute of gods and kings since prehistoric times. Antique rings made of gold were therefore also worn as a status symbol - especially by men - in ancient, medieval and modern times. Today, the gold ring is still a high-quality, yet universal accessory that is established across all genders and is no longer worn solely for status reasons.

Expert tip: If an antique gold ring is mentioned in the art trade, it is assumed that it is a piece of jewellery that is at least 100 years old, but does not have to be from classical antiquity!

The variety of antique gold rings

Due to its long history, the antique gold ring appears in a different guise in every era. Antique gold rings for women in particular can be found in almost inexhaustible designs, from the sentimental memorial rings of the 18th and 19th centuries to imaginatively curved models from the turn of the century and diamond-studded finger rings from Art Deco to opulent cocktail rings from the Mid-Century. An antique gold ring with gemstones is as diverse as its wearer!

The men's gold ring

Compared to past centuries, men today have a more minimalist look. An opulent antique gold ring is no longer seen as a symbol of power and therefore has little place in everyday life.

One classic tradition that still endures today - alongside the wedding ring - is the seal ring for men. This is made from a cut gem and was used in antiquity and the Middle Ages as a means of concluding contracts. Today, it offers room for individualism, as a personalised engraving can not only stand for family affiliation, but also for a connection to a loved one, a club or a hobby.

Antique gold rings for men are therefore less stylistically diverse than women's rings, but they still offer a certain amount of design freedom, which you can use to make a ring your very own personal companion.

Antique rings at Halsbandaffaire

Antique gold rings therefore make up a large part of antique jewellery and can also be wonderfully integrated into our everyday lives thanks to their stylistic diversity. Buy jewellery in Munich at Halsbandaffaire and browse through our range of antique gold rings from the 19th and 20th centuries.

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